Facilities and Grounds Mission Statement

To professionally maintain a world-class campus environment by delivering the highest quality service to our campus community.

Facilities and Grounds Core Values



Physical Address
330 Marr’s Spring Road
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401
Mailing Address
Box 870194
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487

(205) 348-2657

(205) 348-4744


Grounds Department Staff Directory




Bryant Anderson Director of Grounds


Walt Dendy Manager of Grounds 348-1619
Kim Byram Associate Manager


Tyler Walker Assistant Manager Grounds


Jason Poole Assistant Manager Grounds/ Equipment


Lynn Winters Assistant Manager Grounds


Chrissy E. Plowman Horticulturist


Brandi Avery Facilities Associate II


Grounds Use Approval Donna McCray, Senior Director of Facilities Operations and Grounds Use Permits



The University of Alabama Facilities and Grounds Tree Care and Maintenance Policy states:

Having healthy trees is a top priority to keep our campus beautiful.. Misuse of any and all trees is prohibited.  Examples of abuse include, but are not limited to climbing, use of ropes, wire, hammocks, slack lines, zip lines, nails tape and signage, etc.  All these issues cause stress, scarring and, often broken branches, which can lead to disease and death of an otherwise healthy tree and therefore is prohibited.


Grounds Maintenance, Landscaping, Horticultural Care, Tree Services, Trash Dumpster Services and Grounds Use Permit Coordination.Denny Chimes

The Grounds department is responsible for the following services to the campus:

Grounds Maintenance

  • Mowing, edging, pruning, weeding and leaf removal)

Landscape Services

  • Sod replacement, Shrub bed renewal/installation/repair, mulching, and seeding

Horticulture Services

  • Color bed installation/repair, flower pots/hanging basket planting/maintenance, exterior/interior plant care

Tree Services

  • Removal, trimming, pruning

Trash and Dumpster Service

  • Service/install UA dumpsters, debris removal, and general campus grounds clean-up

Street Sweeper Services

  • General street and parking lot sweeper care

General grounds services that are directly related to the continuous care of the campus (mowing, edging, weeding, etc) are provided without charge to most of the University community. Additional services, for which the Grounds Department is not budgeted, must be funded by the requesting department/organization.