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Our Mission:

The Grounds Use Permit Department is responsible for coordinating, approving, and managing each event through multiple departments, deans, facilities and policy standards. The safety of our students, campus guests, faculty, and staff is paramount to the overall success of each event we coordinate.

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What We Do:

We coordinate outdoor events on campus within five to seven business days to deconflict over 2,000 submissions annually with the help of:

           -Legal Counsel
           -Environmental Health and Safety
           -Risk Management
           -Parking and Transportation
           -Enterprise Operations
           -Compliance and Ethics
           -Strategic Communications

How to Submit a Request:

Submit the Grounds Use Permit Form for coordination to:


Registered Student Organizations must submit applications online through the Source:

The Source Event Smart Training and Registration


Unless for tailgating purposes, any event to be held at the Ferguson Student Center, Plaza, Ferguson Lawn or Promenade will need to complete a Reservation Request through the Ferguson Center Event Planning Office:

Ferguson Center Reservations


Any event in which minors will be in attendance need to review the Youth Program Registration website through the University’s Compliance Office to ensure all registration requirements are met:

Youth Program


Any event planning to have food or beverages through a caterer will need to review the Approved Caterer’s list from Risk Management website:

Outside Vendor Catering Program


Any event planning to have alcoholic beverages will need to submit a Request To Serve Alcohol Form to the Registrar’s office for approval:

Request to Serve Alcohol Form