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We serve as the liaison between the University and Greek Organizations. We streamline the scheduling for State of Alabama mandated inspections including boilers/hot water heaters, elevators, and fire sprinkler systems, as well as, servicing and maintaining of UA owned swing spaces for groups in transitional spaces. In addition, we serve as the main point of contact for the University to gain access for a specific department’s needs. In doing so, we strive to maintain exceptional communication lines between the two entities, keep all parties informed, and ultimately complete the needed task.

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Boiler Inspections

The University of Alabama hosts biennial inspections by a third-party insurance company which is required by State of Alabama Code (1975).

For maintenance guidelines for Greek House boilers and pressure vessels, please review Travelers Maintenance Guidelines.

For more information on boilers, please visit the State of Alabama Department of Labor — Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety website.


Elevator Assessments and Inspections

The University of Alabama hosts an elevator assessment 45-60 days prior to the annual State Elevator Inspection to note of any potential certificate-blocking code violations beforehand. This practice allows our trained elevator technicians to notify the Greek Organizations of any issues and allows them time to get them repaired before the official inspection.

Please view our 2019-Greek House Elevator Inspection Handout for more details.

For more information on elevators, you can visit the State of Alabama Department of Labor — Elevator Safety website.

Note: The University of Alabama Elevator Shop does not perform any maintenance on Greek Organization elevators. A maintenance contract with an elevator service contractor is recommended to maintain and repair the elevators.


Fire Sprinkler Inspections

For more information on fire codes, laws, safety, and other general information, you can visit the State of Alabama Department Fire Marshal’s website.


Swing Space

The University of Alabama currently manages three swing spaces for Greek Organizations which serve as transitional spaces while the organizations build their new house and/or awaiting to build.

Please visit Greek Housing for more information about Swing Spaces.

Please visit Housing and Residential Communities for more information about the University’s six small group houses.


Maintenance Requests

Maintenance requests for swing houses can range from AC/heating issues, plumbing, electrical, or general maintenance repairs. In the event the issue was caused by the Greek Organization, repairs are billed back to that organization.

To report a swing space maintenance issue, please contact Ginnifer Carnethon at 205-348-8802 or by email.

For small group housing maintenance issues, please visit to Housing and Residential Communities’ website.

If a Greek Organization, not within a swing space, has an emergency maintenance need during business hours and wants a UA Facilities team to respond, you will need to contact our office directly.

Note: The University does not provide and/or service washing machines or dryers in swing spaces. In addition, the Greek Organizations are responsible for having the outdoor grease container emptied as needed.


After-Hours Maintenance Requests

In the event a Greek Organization experiences an after-hour maintenance emergency and would like for the University’s Facilities after-hours team to respond, please call 205-348-6001.

The Greek Organization is responsible for contacting their contractor to make necessary repairs to elevators. The University’s Elevator Shop will only assist in removing anyone if trapped and then proceed to shut the elevator down. The Greek Organization will be billed if the University’s technician has to assist in any repairs and/or entrapments.

Note: If you have a fire or medical emergency, please call UAPD immediately at 205-348-5454.


Property Assessments

The University conducts a property assessment of each Greek Facility located on campus every five years with the goal of a proactive assessment of the infrastructure and systems of the facilities to protect investments, estimate and extend the useful life of the systems, and mitigate the possibility of system failures. These assessments include:

               -Building Envelope
               -HVAC and Mechanical
               -Life Safety

Note: There is not a charge fee for this assessment. However, if UA staff is not granted access when an appointment was made in advance, a $125 service fee will be charged to the Greek Organization.