Facilities and Grounds Mission Statement

To professionally maintain a world-class campus environment by delivering the highest quality service to our campus community.

Facilities and Grounds Core Values


The Facilities and Grounds Operations department is responsible for delivering the following services to the campus:

Logistics and Support Services


Sharepoint Portal-Login Portal Required
Building and Campus Information Energy Management
Building Maintenance & Pest Control Facilities Operations-Secured Area
Custodial Services HVAC
Electrical Maintenance Grounds
Elevator Maintenance Plumbing

Services directly related to the continuous operation of the overall facilities are provided without charge. Additional services, for which Facilities is not budgeted, must be funded by the requesting department.

Routine work orders should be submitted through your building representative. For emergency maintenance work orders that occur after 5:00 pm, you may call the Customer Service Center at 348-6001.

If you are a Housing Resident call Housing at 348-6188. If you have an emergency, call the Customer Service Center at 348-6001.

Call the ADA Hotline at 348-5882 if you wish to report an accessibility issue.

Facilities & Grounds Operations

Duane Lamb , Associate Vice President – 348- 8092

Donna McCray – Senior Director of Facilities Operations

and Grounds Use Permits- 348-6777

Marcie Porter- Executive Secretary – 348-8703

Justin Miles – Grounds Use Permit Coordinator- 348-4192

Hillary Foy, Grounds Use Permits Coordinator 348-3384

Maintenance and Operations

Paul Wuebold –  Senior Executive Director – 348-4046

Greg McKelvey–  Executive Director, Maintenance Operations

and Energy Management – 348-8274

Trent Hall – Director, Facilities Maintenance – 348-3963

Terry Grimm – Manager, Coliseum Operations – 348-5984

Tim Porter – Manager, Electrical Maintenance – 348-3959

Frank Struss – Director of Facility Engineering – 348-5951

Brent Marley – Director – Organizational Training, Strategic Planning, and Elevator Maintenance – 348-4409

Stephen Lake – Elevator Systems Coordinator – 348-9713

Bryant Anderson – Director of Grounds – 348-9823

Custodial Services

Suzanne Craft – Director – 348-0345

Teresa Burns – Manager Administrative Services – 348-8091

Joe Thomas – Manager Custodial Services – 348-9014

John Fuller – Manager Custodial Services – 348-5474

Larry Sampson – Manager Custodial Services – 348-5438

Patricia Herndon – Manager of Training and Operations – 348-3219

Ted Gryska – Manager Custodial Services –  205-348-2890