Elevator Maintenance Shop

Our Mission: To support the University’s academically enriching environment by providing a safe and dependable vertical transportation system while displaying integrity, pride, and accountability.

Our Vision:
We support our mission by:
• Providing top-notch, full service preventative maintenance on all the equipment for which we are responsible.
• Performing repairs in a proficient, expedient manner.
• Responding immediately to any emergency situation.
• Addressing customer concerns in a professional, timely manner.
• Adhering to the codes and requirements governed by the State of Alabama.
• Provide continual training to maintain professional certifications.
• Emphasize and practice safety compliance in everything we do.

What We Do

The primary function of the Elevator Maintenance Shop at the University of Alabama is to provide full-service preventative and predictive maintenance for the electrical and mechanical operations of all vertical transportation units, such as elevators, wheelchair lifts, escalators and vertical lifts on campus. The daily routine of the elevator maintenance shop involves responding to maintenance work orders, troubleshooting, repairs, making hydraulic and electrical driven upgrades, redesigning old equipment and components that can’t be repaired due to obsolete parts.

The Elevator Maintenance Shop inspects all work performed by outside contractors and assists in required annual inspections. We also work the many athletic events and special events held on campus. A full time crew is onsite during all home football, basketball, gymnastics and graduation events. The shop is available 24 hours/day, 365 days of the year and is staffed to work any required after-hour call-backs.

Who We Are

The Elevator Maintenance Shop staff is a hard-working, dedicated staff that consists of 8 licensed Certified Elevator Technicians on campus, 5 elevator apprentices and an office associate, over 100 years combined experience.  The University of Alabama Elevator Maintenance Shop is a professional member of the National Association of Elevator Contractors (NAEC), an organization recognized by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). The apprenticeship program, as well as the continuing education program, is administered by the NAEC organization and the U. S. Department of Labor. Each licensed elevator technician is required to attend at least 10 hours of continuing education annually which includes at least 1 hour of safety in order to maintain certification and a state license.

The University of Alabama Elevator Maintenance Shop was approved by the State of Alabama Elevator Safety Board in 2005 to use the educational program administered by the NAEC to operate our apprenticeship program. Through this State-recognized apprenticeship program, the apprentices train in-house to become certified elevator technician supervisors and licensed elevator technicians. The University is also a member of ‘Elevator U’ which is a national organization made up of universities, government agencies and public institutions to promote excellence in design, construction and maintenance of all forms of vertical transportation.

How We Do

A number of factors are used to determine the frequency of inspections by the Elevator Maintenance Shop on a given elevator. Usage, age, location and complexity of the equipment are all considered in our maintenance scheduling. In addition, if a particular piece of equipment is used excessively or is experiencing on-going problems, we have the ability to increase the number of maintenance visits in the period.

The campus is divided into 7 maintenance routes, with an average of 30 pieces of equipment assigned to each route. An elevator technician is assigned to each one of these routes. They are responsible for the maintenance control program at the intervals mandated by the equipment. They are also involved in major repair activities such as: scheduled repairs, upgrades, routine maintenance, monthly and annual testing, and annual inspections.

About Campus Elevators

Currently there are 257 pieces of elevator equipment on campus: 161 hydraulic elevators, 64 traction elevators, 30 lifts and 2 escalators, making us one of the largest in-house elevator service organizations in the state.

1. There are 981 door openings.
2. The elevators average a total of over 2,100,000 trips monthly.
3. The fastest elevator on campus cruises at 350 feet per minute.
4. The oldest elevator in operation today was installed in the President’s Mansion in 1948.
5. The oldest ‘original’ piece of elevator equipment still operating was installed in 1952 in McLure Library.
6. The oldest ‘original’ lift on campus was installed in 1949 and is located in Osband Hall.
7. The largest elevator on campus has a load capacity of 8000 lbs and is located at Barnwell Hall.
8. The building with the most elevators is Bryant Denny Stadium with a total of 20 elevators, 2 escalators and 1 lift.
9. The busiest elevators on campus are located in Tutwiler Hall averaging between 47,000-55,000 trips each month.
10. Elevator-related callbacks average 2 per day for the campus.

Elevator Codes and Laws

All elevators, lifts and escalators are inspected and certified by the State of Alabama Department of Labor on an annual basis. All elevators in the state of Alabama are required to have a current certificate of operation posted and visible to the riding passenger indicating that the equipment has been inspected and meets the latest minimum state elevator code requirements. The University is especially sensitive to accessibility issues for those with disabilities. For more information about campus handicapped accessibility, please visit http://ods.ua.edu/.

If You Get Stuck, What You Should Know

If you are ever trapped in an elevator or the elevator loses power while you’re in the elevator,
• Do not panic,
• Never attempt to exit the elevator without the assistance of proper authorized personnel,
• You are safer inside the elevator than if you attempt to exit the car,
• The elevator is not air tight; therefore you should always have plenty of air to breath in the elevator,
• There is emergency lighting and an alarm bell within the elevator cab that are powered by a rechargeable battery that should last up to 4 hours,
• The emergency telephone in the elevator cab is always operational,
• At the touch of the button, the phone autodials the UA Police Department and is programmed to automatically identify the exact elevator and floor level without requiring any communication between the passenger and police dispatch. (Although a person can communicate through the elevator emergency phone to UA Police, verbal communication is not required in order to receive assistance.)
• UA Police immediately contact the UA Elevator Maintenance Department. An elevator technician is dispatched. UAPD will go to the building to communicate with the passengers within the elevator until help arrives.

Elevator technicians cover 24/5 on routine shifts from 7:30 am Monday – Saturday 12am

After hour callbacks from 12 am Saturday – Monday at 7:30 am or on any day of the year are answered within the hour of the call by a CET-S that is scheduled on call.

The current UA elevator design standard requires new elevator installations to have their own battery-backup system in the event of a power outage, which allows the elevator to descend to the next landing and to automatically open the doors, allowing the passenger(s) to exit the elevator.


Elevator Maintenance Shop Directory

Name Title Phone
Brent Marley Director (205) 348-4409
Stephen Lake Elevator Systems Coordinator (205) 348-9713
  Kimberly Lewis Facility Associate (205) 348-9539
Fax (205) 348-2077